Southwestern Electric Rebate Programs

Southwestern Electric is offering a new rebate program. This program will honor the replacement or new installation of air source heat pumps, geothermal systems, electric water heaters and smart thermostats purchased after February 28, 2018.

All rebates will be applied as a bill credit upon receiving the completed rebate application and proof of purchase. Rebate forms are available HERE.

You can email your completed application and proof of purchase to, or mail it to: Julie Lowe, 525 US Route 40, Greenville, IL 62246. You’re also welcome to drop off your materials at our Greenville office.


High efficiency heat pumps can significantly increase the comfort of your home while lowering your energy bills. If you’re thinking of upgrading to or installing a new air source or ground source heat pump, our rebate will help you offset some of the cost.

To qualify for our $300 rebate, your heat pump may be installed in a newly constructed home, or replace electric resistance heat, propane or fuel oil heat. Installed backup heat must be electric, and the condenser and coil must be replaced and/or installed as a matched set.

Requirements for air source heat pumps include:

  • At least 16 SEER
  • 9 HSPF

Requirements for ground source (geothermal) heat pumps include:

  • For closed systems—at least 17 SEER; COP 3.6
  • For open systems – at least 21.1 SEER; COP 4.1


Water heating accounts for about 18 percent of your home’s energy use. Choosing an energy efficient water heater can help you reduce your monthly water heating bills.

To qualify for our $250 water heater rebate, you can install an electric water heater as part of a newly constructed home, or replace an existing gas water heater with an electric model.

Your water heater must be at least 50 gallons and one rebate is allowed per home.

On-demand water heaters do not qualify for a rebate.


A smart thermostat learns your lifestyle and adjusts the temperature of your home automatically, helping you use less energy and save money.

With a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature settings, even when you’re at work or on the road. Connected to your Wi-Fi, your smart thermostat allows you to monitor and change your home’s temperature from your smart phone, tablet or PC.

You can install a smart thermostat as part of a newly constructed home, or replace an existing manual or programmable thermostat.

To qualify for our $50 rebate, your smart thermostat must be:

  • Energy Star certified
  • Internet-enabled

Have questions? Call Julie Lowe at (800) 637-8667 or email her at