System Maintenance

Southwestern Electric Cooperative works year-round to maintain, repair, and improve its electrical distribution system. Our goal is to minimize outages and deliver reliable electric service. More specifically, our work includes: 

• Trimming trees to prevent their interference with power lines and other electrical equipment. Click here for information on our right-of-way maintenance program.

• Inspecting utility poles, power lines and other equipment, and repairing or replacing it as necessary.

• Identifying any areas experiencing frequent outages and correcting the problem through supplemental tree trimming and/or the addition, repair, or replacement of electrical equipment.

Please remember that it is not possible to eliminate all power outages, such as those caused by storms or vehicle accidents. Momentary outages are typically caused by an animal or tree branch coming into contact with a power line. While these momentary interruptions, sometimes referred to as "blinks," are inconvenient, they are also an indication that the system is operating correctly. Blinks are commonly the result of protective equipment operating to clear a temporary fault, and actually prevent much longer outages from occurring.

Planned Outages

In certain situations, the cooperative must intentionally interrupt service in order to safely perform equipment repairs and maintenance. In the event of a planned outage, we will make effort to notify the affected members in advance.

Property Damage

We understand that property loss or damage is inconvenient and upsetting. When damage is caused by a storm, wind, lightning, or other act of nature, Southwestern Electric Cooperative is not legally responsible. If you suffer property damage from an act of nature, please check with your homeowner’s, renter’s, or business’ insurance company to see if your loss is covered by your policy. If you believe that your property loss or damage was due to a negligent act by Southwestern Electric Cooperative, please contact Susan File, the co-op's vice president of member services, to discuss your claim. Claims will be investigated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and your filing of a claim does not guarantee remuneration.